The Importance Of Mobile Website Optimization

How important is mobile website optimization? Consider how much time and money people are spending on mobile devices these days. The numbers agree as well– 10% of the world’s total internet traffic is mobile-driven. In 2012 alone, $6.7 billion worth of goods were bought via mobile devices, just in the US. Mobile device sale is expected to touch $31 billion by this year end. Read our infographic, “The importance of mobile website optimization” for a deep look at mobile traffic, mobile sales and the growing importance of mobile optimized websites. Mobile Traffic Segmented by Device Device Traffic %age Android devices 42% iPhones 36% iPads and iPad Minis 18% BlackBerrys 2% Mobile commerce now accounts for 23% of online sales Number of purchases made by Smartphone users in the last six months Number Of mCommerce Purchases %Age Of Smartphone Owners 0 51% 1-3 26% 4-6 11% 7-9 5% 10-15 2% More than 15 5% Only 35% of businesses have mobile-optimized sites as

Free Google Tools for site owners

As we all know, Google is the most powerful and effective search engine worldwide. We just can’t imagine our life without Google. It provides you the answers to almost everything under the sun with a single click. Google search is the backbone of Google’s business and processes 40,000 search queries every second. However, Google is a lot more than just a search engine.  They also provide various free tools for marketers, developers, and other professionals to help them deliver the best results in their respective fields. These free Google tools can help you: Boost your SEO rankings. Build brand awareness. Engage more people with your brand. Track and manage your brand reputation. Let’s take a look at some of the best free Google tools and how they can help you enhance your productivity and engage more people with your brand. 1. Google AdSense Google AdSense is the perfect tool to help marketers make money from ads placed on blogs or websites. AdSense connects y